Stick'em (D​-​Rusta Edit)

from by I'm-Naiyls

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I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum [Duke Nukem 3D]
New Zealand Hip-Hop is still number one
Me and Naiyls show you how it's done
We get to all the bases like a home run
So swing batter batter
cause noones rhymes are phatter
No need to chit chatter
I'm mad like the hatter

I'm godlike [Unreal Tournament] on more than just the mic
I get every shot right
You got ya fingers crossed tight

Hoping that I'll miss
But it's useless to resist

If I'm speaking in earnest
I burn like a furnace

I straight thrill you
M-M-M-monster [Unreal Tournament] kill you

Every hit is a critical so get on my team
If you don't
Lose more than just ya self-esteem
I'm the king of this regime
So don't cause a scene

Hand me my crown
Everybody gather round

Let me tell you a story all about how [ Fresh Prince of Bel-Air]
A boy south of the D came to be an MC
Movin' like a marquee
No arrows to the damn knee [Skyrim]

So stop me, if you're thinkin' that you can
I won't march to ya funeral like my name is Chopin

I eat you like ham
With green eggs on the side [Dr. Seuss]
Don't try to run and hide
There's no way you'll survive

Ruling all I see like my name was Caesar
Let me tell you for a minute who the fuck we are

I go all the way
Write rhymes every day
And I don't give a fuck about what you say

Always dressed to impress
Gonna be the very best
Like noone ever was [Pokémon]
Just because

I'm rippin' out ya gizzard
Make you scurry like a lizard
Got the focus of a wizard
Yo I'm cold like a blizzard

Comin' like a typhoon
Wreckin' up ya bathroom
Drop an anvil on ya head like this was a cartoon

I jump on a track and I have no restraint
Get you down to 1HP and then make you faint [Pokémon]

Tell you the truth and it does not compute
So forget about revenge and give up the pursuit

Square Triangle Square Square Triangle Circle Circle Circle Square X (Armour King's 10-Hit Combo) [Tekken]
I'm a nerd but I don't yet watch star trek
Instead I watch Star wars my 3rd party firewalls
Keep me secure from all of ya'll

And I don't play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock
The Theory is I Bang out tracks until I make it to the top
And fuck all that hipster shit
Not something I permit
I will never submit
To your lack of wit

The only reason you're underground is cause I put you there
So put ya emo glasses on and straight disappear
I don't wanna see you here there or anywhere
Don't really care if ya life ain't fair

If only the battletoads were here to help me take you down
Me, Zits, Pimple and Rash could go round for round
Ya bones are breaking by that awful sound
You gone hear it a lot as we beat you to the ground

Rise above it all if ya think that ya good
But I know that you can't and you wish that ya could
There's no misunderstand the spoils come to me
I'm the last man standing you cannot disagree


from Singles, released June 10, 2012



all rights reserved


I'm-Naiyls Portland, Oregon

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